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If you are looking to relax while enjoying your holidays in your Vacation Villa in Los Cabos, let BookinCabo pamper you with our Spa Services right at your villa or condo! you can have from a nice Swedish massage to a package of manicure, pedicure and a 4 hands massage.


Swedish Massage

Eases sore muscles as it relieves stress and tensión from the body. Promotes an overall sense of well being.

Price 60 min. $85    90 min. $125

Sport / Deep Tissue Massage

Experience Deep-Kneading muscle relief that keep the endorphins flowing while working out all the kinks.

Price 60 min. $90    90 min,  $ 130

Aromatherapy Massage

Precious and healing aromatic balms are applied to the entire body with  rhythmic, multidimensional massage.

Price 60 min. $90     90 min, $ 130

Four Handed Massage

A synchronized four hands massage performed by two therapists simultaneously. Delivers total relaxation and balance to the body.

Price 60 min, $175       90 min. $ 235


Price 30 min. $ 50         60 min. $85

Hot Stone Massage

Increases your energy level and leaves you feeling rested & rejuvenated. Warm stones are placed on select chakra poinst to  relieve  tense muscles, sore joints, stressed emotions and  a weary Spirit.

Price 60 min. $110    90 min. $160

Pregnancy Massage

A full body massagr that accommodates to health, circulation and well being of expectant mothers. (Please confer with your doctor prior to booking an appointment. Not recommended for women in their 1. trimester.

Price 60 min, $95      90 min. $135

Neck, Back  & Shoulder

Designed to release tight muscles in the shoulders, neck and back, this soothing massage improves mobility, eases fatigue and increases circulation.

Price 30 min. $55    60 min. $95

Tired Legs Massage

Using a combination of massage techniques, we help to combat inflamation and tensión while activating vein circulation of feet and legs.

Price 30 min, %55        60 min, $95


Body  Treatments


Renew, purify and detoxify your skin with the exquisite combination of our products, techniques and natural  fruits.this tratments are designed  specially to help you recover  from the desert extrene weather  and sun. The combination of the sea benefits and the qualities of natural products will make you feel wonderful, with a rich and moisturizaed skin.

Seaweed Scrub

Price 60 min. $95

Seaweed Body Masque

Price 90 min,  $140

Papaya/melón Wrap

Price  90 min, $ 140

Avocabo and yogurt Wrap

Price  90 min.  $150


Salon  Services

ser. pedicure

Blow Dry                                $ 70

Hair Style                                  $85

(médium long hair

Spa Manicure                          $35

Spa Pedicure                           $40

French Manicure                     $40

French Pedicure                     $45

Child´s Manicure/pedicure      $55


Polish Change                            $ 20

(hands & feet)


Services Policies:

· Rates listed do not include gratuity.

· Services  requested adter 8:00 p.m. will incur a 20% surcharge.